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Welcome to MANCAVES.

We are professional Southampton home automation system integrators and designers that continuously keep up with today’s technology in the home and business world.


Mancaves offers smart lighting solutions and home control systems in Southampton.


Save on your energy bill and keep your home comfortable with climate control and home automation in Southampton from Mancaves.


Never worry about your home’s safety again with our security systems and smart home systems on Southampton


We can install whole-home audio, home theaters, and home control systems in Southampton.

Ready to update your home for the 21st century? Get in touch with us today for home automation in Southampton.

Coldwell Banker’s Opinion on Smart Home Technology

In this video by Coldwell Banker, smart home technology is shown as a growing trend in the US. More and more Americans are investing in this kind of technology in their home. This product allows them to control lights, security systems, temperature control and more with their cell phones or other touch screen devices in their homes. Smart home technology can even give customized access to appliances as well.

High-quality integrated lighting solutions.

Mancaves is the ultimate home automation lighting solution company. We get the highest quality lighting systems from our suppliers so we can make your home a smart home in Southampton

With so many options for smart lighting systems, you won’t remember how you lived without it. With Savant and Lutron home lighting system automation in Southampton, smart sensors will monitor the ambient light levels and time of day to make sure you always have the right lighting levels and are expending the least amount of energy possible.

Interior climate optimization.

Don’t you wish your house was always the right temperature? Let Mancaves make your dream a reality with smart home climate control systems in Southampton. Our smart home climate control suppliers Savant and Lutron provide systems that make sure your home’s climate is always just the way you like it. Mancaves has extensive experience in integrating your home’s electronic systems into one secure and powerful system. Our home control systems in Southampton make it so you’ll never have to worry about your home’s energy efficiency again.

With Mancaves, you get the best quality systems and installation, combined with our in-depth knowledge and reasonable prices.

Entertainment options from whole-home audio to home theaters.

For your home entertainment system, you want the best audio and visual experience possible. Furthermore, you want a company that is honest, professional, and experienced with creating home entertainment systems of the highest caliber.

Choose Mancaves to create an incredible custom theater for your home. Our suppliers include the finest makers of entertainment systems in every category. We know that you want the sharpest picture, the crispest audio, all made easy to use and reliable. That’s why Mancaves is the right choice.


Keep your home safe and sound.

Home security in Long Island  has never been as simple or powerful as it is today with Mancaves installed security systems. Mancaves installs security systems from the most advanced and trusted suppliers in the world, including Mobotix and Savant.

Rest easy in your home when you have a Mancaves installed security system. The advanced technology of a Southampton smart home security system combined with the experience and knowledge of a trusted installer like Mancaves means your home will be completely secure.

Mancaves’ home security systems go beyond the competition to make your home secure and safe, and your security system reliable and easy to use.