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Get the whole-home audio system or home theater of your dreams.

From audio systems to home theaters systems to entertainment centers in Southampton, Mancaves does it all. We use high-quality vendors to supply the best audio and video equipment that money can buy, and our installers have years of experience working to create durable, seamless entertainment centers in Southampton. Make sure you’re getting the best of the best when it comes to Southampton home theater systems — contact Mancaves today.

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Whole-Home Audio Systems

What if pairing the right speakers turned your living room into a Southampton entertainment center where movies sounded as though you were living them? That is now a reality.

Mancaves home entertainment solutions will make sound into a physical force that can revolutionize your entertainment experiences. When it comes to Southampton home theater systems and home audio systems, sound is a force that heightens the experience of everyone. With special features, such as hidden speakers that project sound in a single direction you can hear every single note in your music and line of dialogue in your movies.

Our audio systems are capable of providing top quality sound whether you are inside your home or outside entertaining. Mancaves uses special technology and special speakers that are made to produce high caliber audio inside and outside your home. The technology that Mancaves uses is smart enough to know that sound is dependent upon the venue where it is played.


Cutting-Edge Video Systems

Imagine a video system that understood the dynamics of how you entertain. Mancaves home theater systems behave differently when you are alone, with your family or with a house full of guests. It can also decide how best to provide video and audio based on the room in which you are entertaining.

But that’s not the limit of our home theater video systems; use our video system for your home office or business in order to video conference with others with high definition quality that makes it seem as though you were there with them. High-quality video and audio technology allows Mancaves to deliver high caliber home video technology for your personal or business use.

It comes down to what your needs are and how you want to use your system. The technology is emerging, but the sophistication is already there. With liquid LCD TVs and one-touch applications, your Southampton entertainment center options just advanced from intriguing to astounding. If Mancaves can do all that, just think what we can do to make your home video system something truly unique.

Customizable Home Theaters

Mancaves is the right choice when it comes to custom Southampton home theater systems. We have years of experiencing creating home theaters, assisted by the qualities that put us light years ahead of the competition. When it comes to building your home theater, you want to observe fundamental acoustic principles; beyond that, we can work together to create the ultimate home theater design.

Premier Custom Home theaters are our most admired and functional theater design line. With expertly crafted millwork, exotic wood species, woven silk fabrics provide a wealth of texture and style that will exceed even the highest expectations. Cinema Design Group theaters provide the newest electronic viewing technology along with ultimate luxury for an amazing cinema environment.

Outdoor Systems

With Mancaves home theaters and outdoor room entertainment systems, your entertainment system will be capable of expanding into a changing environment. Our Southampton home theater system suppliers provide the highest quality entertainment systems available. From the television, the centerpiece of your entertainment system, to the surround sound, to Row One custom home theater seating, every element will be built to your specifications. We can create the home theater room that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to use a big screen LCD or plasma TV, or you prefer a projector and screen, we can accommodate you. Furthermore, we can make the room itself look any way you want.

Your venue can span indoor and outdoor environments. Mancaves can create an atmosphere for each of your guests or customers with cutting edge technology that is designed to allow you to manage the quality of sound anywhere on your property. Indoors or outdoors, it does not matter. The quality of the atmosphere that you create is the same regardless of where you are seated.

Mancaves brings home theater entertainment installation to the world with durable weather proof systems that eliminate the barriers between where you speak and where your guests sit. Explore the possibilities of indoor and outdoor home theater solutions with Mancaves and expand your Southampton entertainment center to multiple dimensions.


Commercial Systems

Mancaves commercial sound systems work specifically for your commercial space. We realize how space affects sound quality. Using custom technology to develop a sound sphere that takes advantage of the unique qualities of your commercial space is one way that Mancaves enhances the potential of any space. When your customers walk into your business, greet them with music played at just the right volume. Problems like giving a speech in a room where only part of the audience could hear you become a thing of the past. Mancaves uses smart technology and products that ensure every seat in the house is the best seat. Deliver your message to all of your guests regardless of your building’s size.

Control your home’s system with your smartphone.

Mancaves controller systems enable you to monitor and control all of the TVs in your home at the same time. Monitor what the kids are watching without having to get up and check. Just lift up your smartphone or other control device and find the information right there. Control the volume of each room in your home; with cutting edge entertainment control technology, you can adjust the volume of the music in the kitchen without leaving the living room.

When you install a Mancaves smart entertainment system, your controller is capable of more than just playing movies. Integrate music from your smart device into any room in your home and play the perfect song or set the perfect mood. Pick and choose the movies and TV shows that you want to play from your cable provider or the cloud. Smart technology allows you to save storage space on your smart device and other storage systems.


Let Mancaves turn your home into a multimedia entertainment hotspot.

When you choose Mancaves NY to create a custom home entertainment system, we will make sure that not only is each component tailored to fit in with your home’s aesthetic, but also configured to provide the best quality audio and visual quality you’ve ever experienced. With features like wireless surround sound and custom home theater seating, every home theater system is a masterpiece of entertainment.