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Mancaves provides high-quality automated lighting options for homeowners across Southampton.


Mancaves builds and installs the most advanced Southampton automated lighting control systems on the market. With our help, you can not only save energy and money on lighting your home, you will also enjoy the convenience, comfort, and prestige of having smart light control in Southampton.

We understand the importance of light in your home. Because we use the most advanced and highest quality suppliers of automated lighting systems in Southampton, namely Savant and Lutron, we can deliver the benefits and conveniences of the most high-tech and advanced systems at a fraction of the price of other installers.

Our Smart Home Apps

With Mancaves’ home automation lighting systems, total control over your home’s lighting sits in the palm of your hand – every aspect of your smart light control in Southampton can be used from your smartphone. The apps that Mancaves provide to our customers are easy to use, incredibly powerful, and customizable. Don’t be fooled by competitors’ apps, which can often be buggy and overly complicated. Mancaves knows how to make your Southampton smart light controls a breeze to use.


Complete Control

With a touch, you can set your system to turn lights off when you leave a room, so you’re never wasting electricity and money.

Remote Access

Adjust and control each individual light from your phone remotely or from any control surface in your home, so you never have to worry you may have left a light on.

Reduce Energy Use

Mancaves intelligent lighting systems let you reduce your energy usage without the inconvenience others may have to go through.

Improved Security

Motion and pressure sensors will trigger outdoor lighting when someone comes home so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark.


Using Southampton Smart Light control to Create Moods

Our Southampton automated lighting products let you create engaging environments with a touch. Set up specific settings for each event of the day.

Before dinner, dim the lights in the dining room and turn the kitchen lights on for cooking. When you come home, have the foyer and living room lights ready for you. When you’re ready to go to bed, a touch will put your bedroom lights at the exact level you prefer. Should you have unexpected company, have the guest bedroom lights ready to welcome guests.

Whatever situation you can imagine, our Southampton smart home lighting systems can accommodate it.

The benefits of smart light control systems are varied and surprising. Southampton smart home lighting systems are econ-friendly; because they allow you to use less energy, smart lighting is good for the environment.

Light control systems will increase your comfort and productivity. Let the system set your light levels to the right setting; the correct light level can relax you, leading to lower stress levels and thus greater productivity. Whether you work in a home office or your bedroom, lighting control is a great solution to help keep you relaxed and on task.

Finally, Mancaves lighting control systems provide dimmer switches to your home’s lights, so even before you figure in the home automation system, you’re already saving 4-9% in electricity costs. A standard light switch can only save you money when it’s turned off. Dimmers, controlled by a smart lighting system, can be set to any level, saving you money all the time.

When it comes to your home, never settle for less than the highest quality. Mancaves has been installing smart lighting control systems and smart home automation in Southampton for many years.

Choose Mancaves for home lighting automation in Southampton that you’ll never have to worry about.