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We provide Long Island homeowners with a greater peace of mind.


Mancaves makes it easy to set and change your home’s security state, when you go to sleep or leave for work. Our smart home security systems in Southampton can call emergency services when appropriate, but when your security system is installed by Mancaves, you know you can trust it to just work. Always.

Smart security means that your security system understands your security needs and how to keep your home and family safe. Go with the Southampton home security system designers with more experience than anyone else, the best quality suppliers, and a passion to give you the best security system available.

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Top-of-the-line systems keep your home safe.

With a Southampton home security system from Mancaves, you can sleep easier knowing that your home is secure. We offer Southampton camera systems for both homes and businesses made by Mobotix, a global leader for high-resolution security cameras and video systems.

Mobotix is a supplier of Southampton security cameras and video storage solutions that surpass all other home security cameras on the market. Install cameras throughout your home using low-profile models that are nearly indistinguishable from air vents or just cover the outside and doors with high-resolution cameras that show every detail.

Watch over every area of your home.

The customizable defense strategies offered by Mancaves allows you to structure your Southampton home security system to match your lifestyle. We offer interactive solutions to every home security problem you can imagine. Monitor every window and door from inside your home or on the go. Feel secure with sensor lights that activate whenever someone comes near your house. Your home will actively detect intruders and unwanted guests. Mancaves offers more than home security – we offer peace of mind.

Interact with your home security system on your phone with the Savant application, regardless of where you are. Savant smart security combined with Mobotix home security cameras in Southampton gives you absolute knowledge about your home’s state of security. Your phone will alert you when someone arrives at your house, and the cameras will record and store every second.


Automated, interactive systems make home security easier than ever.

What if your home understood the meaning of away, asleep, and on vacation? It can. The comprehensive ability of your Southampton home security system to react differently under different circumstances gives you the power to protect your home. That power ties in other systems that help to defend your home and to be proactive in reducing the threat of burglary.

The easy-to-monitor system tells you with a single glance how many security alerts are currently active. One touch monitoring shows you where your home is vulnerable. Proprietary monitoring software and applications allow you to close vulnerable windows or doors, thus removing the potential risk.


The combination of advanced Savant smart home security monitoring systems that learn and react to individual situations with Mobotix cameras with hi-res technology and decentralized storage solutions that let you record more video than other brands means that Mancaves home security solutions are founded on an unbreakable base of high quality security products.

Combine this with the extensive experience of every Mancaves installer professional, and you get the best smart home security and alarms in Southampton that money can buy, for a more reasonable price than competitors that use lower quality technology and installation techniques.

Feel secure when you choose Mancaves for your Southampton home security.